Zero-Trip Wedge


A major innovation in health and safety, as well as a significant time- and cost-saving product for any exploration company or drilling contractor that uses directional steel wedges in diamond drilling operations. Available in NQ, HQ and PQ Sizes.

Environmental, health and safety

The health and safety benefits:

  • Slip and trip incidents have been reduced on-site as a direct result of having eliminated the repetitive risk associated with tripping rods.
  • Manual handling injuries, e.g. back strain, finger pinches, etc., have been reduced.
  • We are using significantly less borehole additives to help maintain the integrity of the borehole.
  • The Zero-Trip Wedge has eliminated the requirement to needlessly trip rods in and out four times vs Haul Rowe Method, greatly reducing the risk of injury to drill crews.
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Product Description

Ease of use
ZTi; can now install a directional wedge at almost any depth in a single shift allowing drillers do what they do best; drill. This is achieved simply by removing up to as many as four unnecessary rod trips in and out of the borehole to establish a new daughter borehole. No need to use cement to set the wedge. The Zero-Trip Wedge comes in two sections for ease of handling and shipping, and is currently available in both NQ and HQ sizes.

The Zero-Trip Wedge can be accurately set to within 1.5 degrees of vertical using conventional survey tools, such as the ReFlexEz-Trac. Cave is always a problem when setting a standard wedge, falling between the timber plug and the wedge’s spade, potentially causing the wedge to be unstable in the borehole. This can result in an inaccurate setting of the wedge, as it might not get a proper bite in the timber plug, leaving it unstable for future daughter and granddaughter boreholes.

Time saving
A minimum of four shifts can be saved in starting a new daughter or granddaughter borehole using the Zero-trip Wedge, with the time saved increasing with the depth, the deeper the wedge has to be set at.

With significantly less multiple pulling of rods from depth there is correspondingly considerably less wear and tear on the drill rig, the in-hole equipment, and the integrity of the borehole itself, not to mention the drill crew.

Drillers’ approval
Drillersreaction to the Zero-Trip Wedge was stunning. We set a large number of directional wedges every year for our clients here in Ireland (117 in total). Once the first prototype was successfully installed on an active borehole the demand has skyrocketed.

Old directional drilling techniques are very labour intensive and slow; the utilisation of the Zero-trip wedge product can allow a contractor to significantly cut down on standing time and can remove a lot of the labour intensive manual handling that occurs when pulling drill string, whilst improving the durability of the drill string.

• Lower and set wedge at 1000m and be drilling in 8 hrs
• 78% Time Saving compared to Haul Rowe Method
• Ability to recover a lost borehole
• Capacity to save numerous operational days on drill programmes
• Significant economic benefits to operational costs
• Improves safety at every level
• Increases the durability of the drill string
• Reduces the requirement for human intervention
• Increases drilling efficiency
• Decreases handling onsite


Coming soon – Zero-Trip Trolley

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